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Corn Casserole is a good main dish or side during corn season; it makes a very hearty supper! To add extra color, you can add chopped red and green peppers. Page 171

Fresh Ground Beef Supper: With large families to feed, big help-yourself casseroles like this are a must for the Amish.
Page 183

Who can resist warm-from-the-oven Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls slathered with homemade icing? Page 9

For a tasty twist on Maple Drop Cookies, substitute peppermint or root beer extract for the maple. Page 244

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THIMBLE COOKIES got their name because Amish women use a thimble to make the tiny holes in the center for filling with jam. Page 230

Chicken Potpie: Some Amish potpie recipes resemble a soup with bits of dough in it. This beautiful potpie has a nice, flaky top crust. Page 174

Amish Tradition Halfway through church services, cookies are passed around as a snack for the little children.

The secret of hearty Biscuits and Beef Casserole? Don’t bake the biscuits beforehand! See page 175 for details.

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